The 2020 Global Workplace Wellness Summit is Responding To The Global Pandemic With a Focus on The Neuroscience of Mental Health

The annual Global Workplace Wellness Summit scheduled to take place at the College of San Mateo in California, November 10 – 13, 2020 will now be hosted in Winnipeg, Canada and streamed around the World. ”Many people are seeking emotional and mental health support to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, so we are pleased to announce that Dr David Rabin MD, PhD. psychiatrist and neuroscientist of Apollo Neuroscience will be the opening keynote at the Summit this November”; says Joyce Odidison, President of Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc., and Founder of the Global Workplace Wellness Summit.

On average, the Summit website gets over a hundred thousand visits from leaders and human resources professionals across North America and the globe when we are promoting an event. This year we expect record attendance because we are more accessible, cost effective and offering amazing cutting edge topics, offered by world-renowned speakers and experts in November.

The Global Workplace Wellness Summit is the most globally focused workplace wellness education forum offering year-round support, strategies, and tools to enhance the workplace wellness business aspect of organizations, while promoting wellness competencies at work.

Every November, the summit is hosted as a live or virtual event, attracting thousands of leaders, experts, and organizations representatives to connect, collaborate, partner, learn and share their wisdom with others. They also take lessons, friends, and tools back to their workplaces. Throughout the year, the summit offers a weekly workplace wellness forum that shares tips and tools to boost personal and professional wellness, via live interviews with experts around the globe.

This year’s summit has a global focus with sessions lined up for several time zones to accommodate attendees who will attend from various regions. For sponsorship and ticket information, and to learn more about this event, visit
Virtual Trade show Vendors and Sponsors

The virtual event is attracting sponsors and vendors who will feature products for sale in the Summit 4-day sale where attendees can purchase wellness products and services at a bargain.

Contact: To learn more about the Global Workplace Wellness Summit, Media contact: Joyce Odidison, joyce@) or phone: 877 999-9591.