Ternio Announces the Appointment of Natalia Radyushkin as New Chief Financial Officer

Ternio, a global crypto and fintech company, announced today the appointment of Natalia Radyushkin as Chief Financial Officer. 
Radyushkin joins Ternio with broad experience in finance, strategy, venture capital, and cryptocurrency, working with and learning from Venture Capital Investor and Founder Roger Ver since 2016 and recently as Chief Financial Officer for industry powerhouse Bitcoin.com, a global fintech provider of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash services that includes an app, a digital currency wallet, cryptocurrency exchange, widgets and charts, online gaming, and more.
“Natalia brings with her more than 20 years of experience at complex, high-growth organizations,” said Ternio Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer Ian Kane. “Not only does she have a strong background in traditional finance, but her profound understanding, functional expertise, and technical knowledge of cryptocurrency and blockchain are exactly what our organization needs to continue on our upward trajectory. I believe Natalia will be a great addition to our team and an invaluable resource to help our company further develop, design, and implement functions that enable us to further expand our footprint in the global market.” 
“Historically, it has been difficult for companies conducting business and cryptocurrencies to set up traditional banking,” Radyushkin said in a recent interview with PYMNTS, noting that this particular pain point is exactly why Ternio came to be in the first place.
In the article, she states her belief that, “Blockchain is going to affect every business as money, as an asset, as smart contracts, as supply chain solutions…[the] CFOs of companies that have not been exposed to digital currencies now need to be prepared for how easy and simple it is to use [them], and how much it simplifies the accounting process as well as the entire payments process.”
Radyushkin will begin her tenure with Ternio on April 12, 2021
About Natalia 
As a Chief Financial Officer, Natalia Radyushkin is responsible for driving the company’s strategic growth objectives through finance, while also overseeing all corporate compliance and regulatory aspects of the business. Radyushkin became immersed in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space in the summer of 2016, and her conversion to working in the space was immediate, recognizing the disruptive potential of peer-to-peer electronic cash systems. During her career she has worked in strategy, financial and economic consulting, digital media, real estate, and hospitality, specializing in startups and high growth companies. She came to work with Ternio, recognizing its exceptional leadership team, value-driven, and inclusive company culture as well as the company’s rapid growth and expansion, providing businesses and consumers in the digital currency space with much-in-demand financial services.    
About Ternio
Ternio is a global fintech platform built on blockchain. Ternio’s platform connects traditional enterprise, fintech, banking, systems with blockchain infrastructure giving real-world utility to accelerate the growth of digital payments and enablement of blockchain technology for other Fintech startups through its existing card programs. Our products, like BlockCard, enable instant remittance and the transfer of value on blockchain rails in a compliant and regulated environment.
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