Tennessee-Based Manufacturer Announces World’s First Cast Iron Cookware That Will Not Rust

ForeverWare, Inc. has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its new 9-Inch Breakfast Skillet that is made from the company’s proprietary cast iron alloy, Stainless Cast Iron™, that does not rust, requires no oil seasoning, and that easily cleans like stainless steel.
“Eight years ago our team started working on a new cast iron alloy that would not rust, so would not require the use of oil seasoning to protect it from rusting,” says Scot Childers, the company’s CEO. “Frankly, it has been one of the hardest challenges we have ever faced. But we succeeded and are now preparing to ship our first Stainless Cast Iron™ skillets in August of this year,” Childers continues.
The company states that its ForeverWare Stainless Cast Iron™ produces cookware with all of the expected cooking characteristics of cast iron pans but without needing oil seasoning to protect the pans from rusting — Stainless Cast Iron™ does not rust. The result is a pan that is used for cooking the same way as a cast iron pan, but that is then easily cleaned and put away, without any special care or precautions.
“Our new cast iron alloy produces cookware with the non-reactive properties and easy cleaning traits of stainless steel, but with the high heat transmission and heat-holding traits as cast iron — the best of both metals,” says Childers.
The 9-Inch Breakfast Skillet is a solid five-pound casting of pure Stainless Cast Iron™, includes a slip-on silicone handle sleeve, and has a direct-to-consumer price of $129. It will begin shipping to customers in August 2021.
The company is running a 25-day Kickstarter campaign until July 4, 2021, where the 9-Inch Breakfast Skillet is available for pre-order for a pledge of $99, which includes U.S. shipping. That campaign can be visited at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/foreverware/foreverware-stainless-cast-iron-skillet.
ForeverWare, Inc. is a Tennessee, USA, corporation. The company website is www.foreverware.com. The company can be contacted at contact@foreverware.com.
Source: ForeverWare, Inc.