Tendril Raises $800,000 in Seed Round Funding

Tendril LLC, a sales acceleration company that focuses on agent-assisted dialing and sales-enablement services, announced that it has raised $800,000 in seed round funding led by VXT Capital.
The funding will be used to support sales team growth, cultivate new marketing channels, build a more robust customer success experience and strengthen Tendril’s already powerful engineering capacity. This evolution will create a more engaging customer experience that will drive retention, as well as bring valuable insights to inform our product development road map.
“We are very pleased with our new investment in Tendril. Its business plan, corporate values, as well as the management team, represent what we are looking for in a company with great potential. Additionally, it represents an important milestone for VXT Capital as it is our first investment in the United States,” said Fernando Lopez Gaitan, Director General at VXT Group and VXT Negocios.
VXT Capital is an investment firm that believes in strategic alliances to help businesses achieve excellence. The firm has historically invested in projects that are not only commercially feasible, but maintain a long-term positive social impact. 
Focus on community impact has been one of Tendril’s core ideals since its founding, operating with full transparency and providing all team members with equal opportunities for gainful employment.
Sales teams often waste enormous amounts of time making phone calls that don’t connect, speaking to contacts that don’t yield results, and navigating through endless phone trees. Tendril Connect, Tendril’s flagship platform, utilizes agent-assisted dialing technology to maximize their calling efficiency by exponentially increasing the capacity for sales calls and conversion rates. 
Tendril’s talented engineering team has made many significant improvements to the baseline technology, resulting in bolstering the security of the platform, improving the quality of call transfers, and flexibility in list management. The team’s tireless effort towards key integrations between platforms such as Outreach, Hubspot, and Salesforce will allow Tendril to establish its foothold in the modern sales technology stack.
With the expansion of Tendril HUB to include Staffing HUB MX, Tendril has grown its capacity to build and support teams of all kinds, leveraging the vast talent pool in LATAM to provide affordable staffing solutions.
“From its foundation, Tendril was created with focus on equitable advantages for every stakeholder. Externally, customers gain access to a powerful sales acceleration tool while internally, we provide gainful employment and benefits to our team in the United States and Latin America.
“With a focus on transparency and authenticity to be our most effective sales tool, we are building an international company that will not only meet the needs of the current market, but provide a hub of sales support and resources that impacts our global community in a refreshing and positive way,” said Jon Elhardt, CEO at Tendril.
Source: Tendril