Tempest Aviation Group Advancing Operational Excellence With Ambry Hill Technologies

By leveraging Ambry Hill Technologies’ decades of aviation industry experience and cutting-edge technology, Tempest Aviation Group takes operational excellence to new heights.
Tempest has optimized its exchange program procedures, completed an inventory cost analysis, adopted a fully automated reporting process, and implemented a cloud and mobile software, VistaQuote, to manage their RFQs and Quotes remotely. Because of Tempest’s innovative approach to process improvements, they continue to achieve operational excellence and customer satisfaction.
“We couldn’t be happier with the level of expertise and customer service we receive from Ambry Hill. Not only that, but they also enhanced our sales department with VistaQuote, making RFQ and Quoting management seamless and more efficient,” said Steve Reeves, Co-Owner and President, Tempest Aviation Group.
“Working with a world-class company like Tempest Aviation is an opportunity we value being a part of. They have an energetic team that is eager to take advantage of cutting-edge technologies, like those Ambry Hill can provide, to achieve their goals,” said Paul Stewart, President, Ambry Hill Technologies.     
About Tempest Aviation Group Inc:
Tempest Aviation Group, based in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, is one of the world’s most experienced suppliers to the aviation industry. Established in 2001, Tempest provides an entire range of services required for rotary aircraft. This includes avionics, instruments, electrical components, hydraulics, structures, dynamics, flight controls, mechanical, helicopter sales and Aircraft Brokerage both Rotary and Fixed Wing. With hundreds of thousands of parts in stock that have either OEM certification, or TC/EASA dual release. Tempest has multiple shipping locations for expedited customer service, with representatives in Canada, South Africa and India. Tempest Aviation Group has knowledgeable and friendly staff, controlled goods certification, and an end-user program approved by multinational helicopter operators.
About Ambry Hill Technologies:
Ambry Hill provides SaaS (software as a service) products that are modern, sophisticated, and created by top industry experts. Their suite of cloud-based and mobile applications provides your team with cutting-edge technology to improve process efficiency and increase earning potential.
Media Contact: Eric Schech, 1-612-367-8472, eric@ambryhill.com
Source: Ambry Hill Technologies