Tech : Octavius (8 Core Nehalem 2009 MacPro Unboxing & First Boot)

www.Alfred.TV READ ME FIRST In this video, I share with you the unboxing and first boot of an 8 core Nehalem MacPro system. READ THE REVIEWS! ================== The New York Times calls it “A gritty, detailed tour inside Apple’s most powerful tower system to date, based on the Intel Xeon Nehalem chip architecture. A hat’s off to Alfred, sharing this powerful device with his viewing audience.” says “It’s been given 20% rotten – a one star rating. Too many personal shout outs — and what’s the deal with this guys neck? Is it a tumor, or just fat?” Alternative lifestyle publication “Out Magazine” says “Over 24 minutes to install RAM and some hard drives? Gay. Totally gay.” Shout Outs in this video include: ========================= Kathleen Vinnie JoeyD Adrian William Christian Joe (a John Mayer fan) Mike Derek David Join the official Alfred.TV forum at: Checkout my additional channel, which contains very short clips taken with my iPhone 3GS at If you’d like to receive alerts to interesting articles as well as updates on my latest videos and live webcasts, then please subscribe to my microblog on Twitter: Bookmark this special page for future live webcasts: If you’d like to Email me, use the link below Please visit my

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