Tech : NeXT Cube Demo

www.Alfred.TV READ ME FIRST In this video, with a run time of 53 minutes, I give a cursory overview of the hardware and operating system centric to the NeXT Computer. When Steve Jobs was stripped of all managerial rights at Apple in 1985, he resigned and started NeXT. In the mid 90’s, when Apple was in dire straights for a modern, multitasking operating system, they looked to purchase Be for their BeOS. When that deal fell through, they negotiated with NeXT. With the purchase, which was for about $500 million, not only did they get the NextStep/OpenStep OS, they also got back Steve Jobs. The acquisition of NeXT, which was orchestrated by the current Apple CEO, Gil Amelio, saved the company from pending disaster. So, join me for a some time-travel to 1990, where I will give you a peek at the roots of the modern Mac OS X operating system which many of us enjoy and use today. Make sure to stay through the credits for the post video bonus scene featuring a Power Mac 7500, an Apple ][, and my nephews, Mike and Chris. Note: The REASON why this was filmed early on Thanksgiving more was due to my personal and business schedule. It was the only time I could do it in order to fulfill my promise of ‘booting the NeXT Cube’ prior to 2009. If you’d like to see the raw, archival uStream broadcast, which is a bit light-hearted as I interact with the live audience, please visit the URL below and click on the link for ‘archived videos.’ The broadcast is broken up into multiple parts for

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