TeamUp Fitness App Founders Share Tips to Lead a Healthy, Balanced Lifestyle

Tony Trombetta created TeamUp Fitness, a community-driven social, lifestyle, and dating app, with the intent of giving individuals who are passionate about fitness a platform to connect. As the focus on health and wellness continues to grow and people shift to focus more on their health, the founders are sharing tips for ways to adopt a healthy, balanced lifestyle.
Whether you are a life-long fitness enthusiast or new to the fit-game, there are many variables that form the foundation of an exercise program. When it comes to determining the right amount of exercise each week, some of these variables may include medical conditions, weight, and other physical limitations, for example. According to Peperno, a former Gold’s Gym owner and Chief Marketing Officer of TeamUp Fitness, even just a 20 to 30-minute daily walk can be enough physical activity and have tremendous benefits.
“When it comes to exercise, working out three to five times each week and adding a variety of activities, like yoga, cycling, weight training, and cardio, can significantly benefit your overall health,” said Peperno. “TeamUp gives people the outlet to connect with those who share these similar goals and motivations.” Before starting any rigorous activity, it’s best to consult your physician.
Proper nutrition is just as important as exercising, and the TeamUp app has a section specifically for nutritionists. Whether you’re looking to tone up and gain muscle or lose a few extra pounds, working with a professional is a great way to get started and maintain a balanced lifestyle. You also can meet your “fitness match” through the app by connecting with other fitness-focused singles, and you can swap at-home workouts, virtual training sessions, or connect physically at your local training facility with your new connections. 
“TeamUp helps users build positive habits for a balanced lifestyle, especially for those who are new to working out, because our niche is fitness,” said Trombetta, CEO of TeamUp Fitness. “That’s why being a part of the TeamUp community is so beneficial to our members. Our dedicated platform integrates the elements of a healthy lifestyle and connects people who are passionate.”
“Let’s Connect” Feature
The TeamUp Fitness app also includes a “Let’s Connect” feature, which brings people together for new friendships, or to break the ice and set up a fitness date. Dating apps, like Match and Bumble, provide general matchups, whereas TeamUp is focused on a healthy, active lifestyle and matching based on fitness activities and goals. The app also features an activity feed where members can post photos or videos of their first fitness date or share fun activities as friends.
The TeamUp Fitness app is now available for download on the Apple Store or Google Play Store.
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TeamUp Fitness is a social, lifestyle, and fitness dating platform developed to bring the entire fitness community together. Connect, find, match, and chat with new fitness friends, new workout partners, and fitness professionals. To learn more, visit
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