Teamhood Delivers a Self-Service Process Digitization Solution for SMB Remote Teams.

Teamhood, a team collaboration platform has developed an advanced Kanban board tool for process management and team collaboration. This tool features a board configurator and structure of connected boards, which allows companies to self-design and implement fully digital end-to-end process management.
“Before COVID-19 it was mostly large companies like our customers Daimler, Roche, Johnson & Johnson that where digitizing their processes simply because of the scale of their projects. Now with remote work as a status quo – digitization of processes is inevitable for any business. Our aim was to make process digitization affordable for any SMB. Therefore we have built a solution, that enables remote teams and remote companies to self-design their digital processes and take full control of their value chain,” explains Vidas Vasiliauskas, Teamhood CEO.
Teamhood Kanban board solution delivers a complete set of features to adopt Kanban methodology for end-to-end process management and maximize visibility for efficient team collaboration such as:
“The purpose of Teamhood is to help teams and companies become more efficient, always improving their performance metrics. And the advanced Kanban board tool is the core of our team performance platform. Just like a football team needs a well-equipped field for their training, the business teams use Kanban board as their daily practice field,” concludes Vidas Vasiliauskas.
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