TBox Launches Two New Educational Solutions in the Google Workspace

TBox today announces the launch of two ready-made educational solutions that integrate into the Google Workspace: the TBox Junior and the TBox City.
Both solutions consist of several educational projects that match the learning goals of preschools and elementary schools and additionally address technology education. The solutions include a teacher’s guide, introductory videos, website, work files, demonstrations, and rubrics to enable swift integration into the students’ curriculum. The two solutions and individual projects are available for purchase in English and Spanish via Google Workspace.
TBox Junior for preschool (K3-K6) allows children to learn about technology through gamified projects that respond to their age. The material helps students develop creativity, enhances their discovery skills, triggers logical-mathematical thinking, and supports reading and writing competencies, as well as hand-eye coordination.
“Within this curriculum, students will combine different technological tools such as image editing, story creation, and programming to strengthen their competencies,” announces Hugo Aguirre, VP of Research and Development at TBox. One example project is “Create your own zoo”, where students use basic spreadsheet tools to manage a zoo with endangered species. They identify the main parts of a spreadsheet, perform simple operations, and create graphs.
TBox City is made for students from first through eighth grades. This is the ideal period to strengthen students’ problem-solving logic (computational thinking). Through the included projects, students strengthen their technological skills, logical-mathematical thinking, and their ability to solve problems. The materials also address specific issues of digital citizenship and how to use technology responsibly.
With TBox City, students thrive in the use of Google productivity tools such as Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Sites, and dive into image editing, programming, graphic design, and other indispensable tools for a successful technological career.
Integrating modern technology early in the classroom helps children develop indispensable skills for future development, such as creativity, logical and mathematical thinking, scientific rigor, and knowledge points about how to use technology.
“TBox empowers students to become responsible leaders in the digital world and build a sustainable future in the future workplace,” concludes Hugo Aguirre.
About the company 
TBox is a strategic ally that offers schools advice, resources, and platforms for students to develop computational thinking skills that will successfully mark their future. TBox prepares students from preschool through high school (K-12) to use technology in a creative and responsible way. Through a STEAM-based technological career, students strengthen the competencies needed to be leaders in the digital world: creativity, communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving.
Name: Hugo Aguirre, VP of Research and Development
Email: info@tboxplanet.com
Source: TBox