TaxiMobility Version 9.1: What’s New and Improved

The latest version from TaxiMobility brings exciting new features and enhancements for existing ones to give users a better experience. Below are the top updates from Version 9.1.

Attract customers with promo codes :
From the new, hard-to-win-over audience, existing fickle customers to the loyal advocates – every taxi business has its share of mixed customers. The latest TaxiMobility update enables you to appeal to every segment of your target audience with role-specific promo codes. With the new promotional strategy, you can:

1) Create promo codes for a varying group of customers, i.e. new customers, inactive and existing ones.
2) You can also group your users based on various factors to launch a targeted campaign.

Each of the promo code names can be auto-generated or manually created for bringing in your brand uniqueness to your promotional strategy.

Introducing Passenger Lite App :
The most exciting update from Version 9.1 is the TaxiMobility Passenger Lite. We have updated the existing passenger mobile application and made it better in every sense – now it’s less battery usage, faster performance and improved user experience.

Better trip packaging :
Now, taxi businesses can set city limits for daily rides. This way, rides that go beyond the predefined city limits will be automatically considered as an outstation or rental package. The trip package update is reflected in the passenger application as well. During the booking process, if the distance between the pickup and drop location goes beyond the set limit, the passenger will be notified that their booking is an outstation or rental booking.

Driver referral reports :
Driver referral is one of the most effective means of broadening your taxi partners. So, understanding how each of your drivers has on-boarded and via whose driver referral channel is vital. The driver referral reports will provide the administrator with a complete view of a driver referral flow.

And more updates,
Apart from the above features, here’s a glance of the other notable updates made to the suite of TaxiMobility applications.

1) In the admin panel, users can now view complete driver information, including the license details.
2) As for the passenger application, users can now add locations to ‘Favourites’. The passengers can also select their pickup/drop off locations based on recent search and popular locations.
3) In terms of cancellations, passengers can now pay the cancellation fee instantly or during the next trip using card/wallet payment options from their mobile app.

That’s a wrap on the TaxiMobility Version 9.1 enhancements. Update your applications to experience all the newest features. For any additional assistance, do get in touch with our product specialists today.