TaxCure Launches Website Dedicated to Helping Taxpayers Easily Connect With Experienced Tax Resolution Professionals connects American taxpayers in need with the help they deserve, offering special functionality for both those seeking tax help and tax attorneys, CPAs, and enrolled agents who provide the services. is excited to announce the launch of their new website, which aims to ease the burden of tax-troubled Americans by connecting them with vetted professionals and tax firms who specialize in solving their particular challenges. seeks to level the playing field for taxpayers who are facing significant problems with state taxes or the IRS. To facilitate this, the new site provides services for both the taxpayers and tax professionals.
Every taxpayer’s situation is unique with the various taxation agencies and differing financial situations. TaxCure leverages a unique algorithm to take into account a variety of factors to allow the taxpayers to find the tax professional that is best suited to help with their problem. The website allows taxpayers to search for professionals by their tax agency experience, taxpayer types, tax problem, type of professional, location, and more.
Over 22 million Americans are dealing with outstanding IRS tax liabilities, haven’t filed their taxes, or all of the above. On top of IRS issues, Americans are facing tax issues with state problems as well. Tax codes are complex and difficult to understand without a degree in a related field. In most cases, it’s simply unrealistic for the average person to be expected to navigate these rules and laws in a way that leads to a satisfying resolution with state and federal government tax agencies. 
On the other hand, there are so many firms out there that lack transparency as to what licensed tax professionals will be working on a taxpayer’s case. Many leverage unlicensed sales reps to provide free consultations, often overpromising and under-delivering. TaxCure intends to have more taxpayers talk to local licensed tax professionals. makes sure that taxpayers are getting help from the right people who have the right skills to get the job done. Tax problems are hard enough, so finding the right help shouldn’t be just another roadblock. 
For smaller tax firms and individual professionals, breaking through the noise of an overpopulated industry in a way that’s visible to the clients who actually need your help can be a frustrating chore. allows tax professionals to create a profile to leverage their talents by connecting them with clients who are in special need of their particular areas of expertise. These clients will then provide social proof of an expert’s capabilities which will strengthen their profile and make them more visible for future clients. invites everyone to explore the new website and its enhanced usability and functionality. 
About TaxCure
The company was founded by an ex-Google employee, enrolled agent, and an accountant to solve what they recognized as a massive problem for the American people and tax professionals alike. 
TaxCure believes that nobody should have to suffer from an overly complex tax system, and tax professionals should be accessible for the people who need them. Taxcure provides clarity to taxpayers by allowing them to find and assess tax professionals and tax firms that are best suited to resolve their tax problems with a specific tax agency. 
Taxcure allows tax professionals to highlight their strengths and leverage social proof from actual customers to ensure taxpayers connect with the best tax pro for their unique needs. For more information, please visit 
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TaxCure, LLC 
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