TaTaTu Auctions Off Autographed Photo of Morgan Freeman for 106,001 TTU Coins Which is Equivalent to 26,500 USD in Digital Auction

Today, TaTaTu, the first social platform that promotes the sharing economy of data by rewarding users with TTU Coins for viewing content and social media activities, announces that an autographed Morgan Freeman photo signed on the set of his latest film “Muti” has been sold in TaTaTu’s digital auction for 106,001 TTU Coins, which is equivalent to US$26,500. The live auction was a little over two hours long.
TTU Coins are the rewards points on TaTaTu’s mobile and online platform. These points can be used for TaTaTu auctions and in its e-commerce store to purchase items. Users earn TTU Coins by spending time on TaTaTu and by engaging — viewing, sharing, and earning likes on content. 
This image was the first product as part of a new partnership with WWPS.TV. The partnership provides TaTaTu exclusive products featuring celebrities for the TaTaTu ecommerce store, auction, and more. 
The more TTU Coins earned, the better the chance at winning an auction in the TaTaTu platform. As users spend time on TaTaTu messaging friends, earning likes on posts, watching videos, and more, they earn TTU Coins in exchange for time spent on the platform. 
In “Muti,” a detective on the verge of retirement teams with a professor of African Studies named Dr. Mackles (Morgan Freeman) to track down a serial killer who is performing the ancient black magic practice of Muti. 
In total, there will be 12 autographed stills of Morgan Freeman available on TaTaTu. “Muti” is produced by Andrea Iervolino’s production company Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment. 
“It brings me joy to see how excited the winner of the auction is. Social media should reward users for their time and energy, which is why I am passionate about making TaTaTu the best it can be,” says Andrea Iervolino, CEO and founder of TaTaTu. 
To learn more, sign up for TaTaTu and visit https://www.tatatu.com/.
About TaTaTu:
TaTaTu is the first sharing economy of data. The Company is the first social media platform that rewards users with TTU Coins for viewing content and social media activities. Users can watch video content, post photos and videos, and earn even more TTU Coins when someone likes, comments, views or shares a post or when users receive a call or message from a friend. TaTaTu offers its community auctions, giving users a chance to win must-have prizes by bidding using TTU Coins. Also, users can pay with TTU Coins in the e-commerce store for products and experiences. TaTaTu is available in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. 
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