Tata Steel amplifies its response to combat COVID-19

~ Tata Steel Foundation distributes 41680 meals in 108 settlements of Jamshedpur on April 4, 2020 ~

~ 200 farmers have been granted permission to supply vegetables in Jamshedpur as part of the ‘From the Farm’ initiative ~

~ Tata Steel Foundation contributes Rs 10 crores to the Jharkhand CM’s COVID-19 Relief Fund ~

~ Tata Steel Utilities and Infrastructure Services Limited encourages home composting and home sanitisation ~

In its amplified response to combat COVID-19, Tata Steel is reaching out to the citizens of Jamshedpur through various initiatives to deal with the pandemic.

Tata Steel, through Tata Steel Foundation (TSF), recently launched a ten-point #CombatCovid19 programme to empathise, empower and equip the communities proximate to Jamshedpur. While some of these programmes have picked up pace and are working on an auto-pilot mode, the others are being expanded to include newer areas both in terms of geography and interventions.

One such programme titled ‘Thought for Food’, being executed in close collaboration with the district administration of East Singhbhum and meant to provide one warm wholesome meal a day to 50000 people in the humble settlements and slums of Jamshedpur, has been receiving much support and appreciation. TSF, today, distributed 41680 meals in 108 settlements of Jamshedpur. The programme has been extended to West Bokaro where 950 meals were distributed today and another 1500 meals distributed in Company`s operational areas in Odisha. TSF has received permissions to partner with the Gram Panchayats to run community kitchens in Kalinganagar, Bamnipal and Sukinda where TSF has identified 1200 most vulnerable households.

Under the programme titled “Stitch in Time”, the requirement of 50000 three-ply cloth masks as assessed earlier has now been scaled up to 75000. Till date, a total of 5600 masks have been distributed amongst the frontline health workers and other vulnerable communities. A total of 80 women from Jamshedpur, Noamundi and West Bokaro are currently engaged in stitching the masks.

As part of the “From the Farm” programme, a total of 200 farmers have been granted permission to supply vegetables in Jamshedpur. Logistics and communication protocols with company Zomato have been worked out and is ready for launch on April 5.

In addition, TSF has contributed Rs 10 crores to the Jharkhand CM’s COVID-19 Relief Fund.

Further, Tata Steel Utilities and Infrastructure Services Limited (TSUISL) (formerly known as JUSCO), a Tata Steel subsidiary, is ensuring regular cleaning, fumigation and sanitisation, garbage collection and disposal in Jamshedpur. TSUISL, on a daily basis, is collecting around 248 tonnes out of which 55 tonnes is segregated waste. The Company has engaged over 1200 personnel (sanitisation, garbage collection, water and electrical supply, sweepers, call center agents etc.) who venture out each day to serve the citizens of Jamshedpur. A total of 110 areas in Jamshedpur has been covered through the sanitisation drive so far. The Company is also exploring the possibilities of using fire tenders to disinfect market places and big areas in Jamshedpur.

TSUISL is encouraging home composting and has developed a video communication to propagate this concept and to enable Jamshedpur citizens to make use of leftovers, waste and unwanted extras and turn them into fertile soil to boost the productivity of gardens and landscapes. The video can be accesses on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Y_eTQl3UMY). The Company is also developing a video communication on how to sanitise one’s home compound and nearby places which will soon be available to public.

TSUISL is working to ensure that there is no interruption in basic civic amenities for the citizens of Jamshedpur during the lockdown period. The Company is continuing to provide the basic civic amenities like water and electricity. The customer complaints pertaining to city amenities are being handled through the existing helpline number and the online system. The online bill payment system, already in existence, is being promoted aggressively for a customer base of over one lakh.

A dedicated webpage is now available on the Tata Steel’s corporate website (www.tatasteel.com) to keep users updated on Tata Steel’s business, health and safety measures, community work and medical efforts and more, amidst the COVID-19 situation.