Tanoshibe Announces It Has Exceeded Indiegogo Funding Goal for Its Unlimited Home Entertainment Arcade

Tanoshibe is proud to announce that its Unlimited Home Entertainment Arcade has exceeded the original fundraising goal on Indiegogo. Tanoshibe is a wonderful gaming platform that allows people to enjoy classic gaming with the latest consoles that people already have – Switch, PS5, PC and even people’s phones. With the 24-inch, HD display can screen-mirror gameplay from all platforms, while the high quality, arcade level joystick controller will maximize people’s gaming experience. 
Tanoshibe has a built-in gaming platform with an all-in-one front end with over 40+ emulator cores built into a user-friendly interface. The ever-expanding arcade games library includes classics of all genres. This enables people to reminisce about the old times. 
Tanoshibe is truly plug-and-play for all common gaming platforms. People can play the biggest AAA games, as well as retro mini games on the screen just as smoothly. It supports PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox S, Xbox One, Switch, phone, tablet and more.
This classic joystick is specially designed for Nintendo Switch/Xbox/PS/PC/Android/tablet players. It could give those players a real arcade feel and an excellent unprecedented gaming experience with these nostalgia joysticks. 
People can Airplay graphics by linking up mobile devices to Tanoshibe wirelessly, almost instantly once set up. Experience mobile gaming on a full-sized screen like never before. 
Tanoshibe also collaborated with graphic designers, composers, and famous artists from Japan to keep the product line fresh and to provide people with a diverse selection of unique visuals. Discover our exceptional “collaborations” with well-known artists down below.
Tanoshibe is available on Indiegogo now, starting with the Tanoshibe Super Pack ($599) and Tanoshibe Pro Pack ($759), with more than 50% off and free shipping.
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Instagram link- https://www.instagram.com/tanoshibearcade
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