Talented Iranian rapper Mohsen Avid

Mohsen Avid and a closer look at his biography
Mohsen Avid (Mohsen Avid) was born on September 8, 1993 in Tehran. He is one of the Persian rap artists in Iran.

personal life
Mohsen Avid can be a graduate of Qazvin Azad University in the field of accounting at the undergraduate level.
He graduated from the university in 2012. The eldest child of a family of 4 and has a younger brother, he is married and married in 2010.

Professional life
Mohsen Avid started writing songs and poems in rap and hip hop style in 2006.
In the same year, he became known as Navid Avijeh (Intimate) and with Navid’s help, he was able to read and publish the music of Gang Life.
It is one of the music that was played on Rapfa site and you can easily visit the top of the only Raparsi site in that year for yourself.
After playing the music of Gang Life and receiving good feedback from the audience, Avid decided to record and release other music.

After the music of Gang Life, the party music of California, which was in the style of a party, was released in 2007, and respectively the music, Breeze Down, Don’t Cry, Gang Party, Feelless, Indifferent, Censorship, Life and Rap, Release , Angel of Salvation, Silence, Tokyo Party, The Wayless, What Happened and You Are Right, has been published on reputable global sites such as Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and YouTube, etc. during these years.

In 2018, Mohsen Avid, in collaboration with Mohammad Reza Fakous, decided to sing music related to crime and fraud by betting sites outside Iran and the owners of betting sites to publish a teaser of this music on Instagram in December 2019. And it gained more than 500,000 hits on the pages of Rapfan, Rapkob and Rapkok and attracted a lot of attention, a little earlier with the release of Breeze Down music, which was related to Instagram horns, and a strange feedback. Was able to receive in connection with this issue.

filmography :
In 2016, Mohsen Avid performed Hazar Rahi for one minute in 53 minutes in the film Hezar Music, which was later completely removed due to the film not being aired and not approved, and obtaining a license to broadcast this part.

Rap Life Music
In 2012, a song titled Life and Rap by Mohsen Avid, Ehsan LP and Hossein Power was broadcast on pmc and 4 networks, street content and the whole was seen in it, and this made it one of the top 20 music in the list that year. Be polled.