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What kind of jobs involve international travel?

I am interested in traveling the world for my job when i’m older. Whether it be international business, or flight attendant, I just want to see what kind of international jobs are out there. And also what should my college major be? Thanks! Republished by Blog Post Promoter

Travel Tips & Jobs : How to Become a Travel Agent

Becoming a travel agent is done by signing up for an online travel organization that charges a monthly licensing fee, building a Web site, passing out business cards and receiving a monthly commission check for everything that is booked. Become a travel agent in a matter of minutes with advice…

What jobs allows you to travel around the world and has good pay?

i wanna go all over the world and explore it but i dont know what type of jobs let you do that i dont wanna spend that much time in school either can anyone help me? I want to go you know to places that are rich in culture like…

What jobs fall in line with studying the travel and tourism operations industry?

I am planning to study for my associates degree in Hotel / Restaurant management and transfer the credits to a Bachelor or Travel and Tourism industry. What different types of successful jobs will I be able to do once I study this? I will be studying in Hawaii and plan…

What are the jobs that offers the chance to travel around the world?

Besides being a pilot, an air hostess or a journalist what are the other jobs that provides us a chance to travel around the world and allows you to spend some time in each country? What are the qualifications required for such a job? Republished by Blog Post Promoter