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What jobs are there in the military that require engineering?

I need to know what jobs in the military require engineering. Please tell me the salary range, the job, hottest location, advantages, disadvantages, and the responsibilities. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

What are some different jobs that deal with finances and helping people with there money?

I’m wondering what different jobs are out there where you are helping a business or people budget there money. I enjoy financial things and helping people budget there money. What types of jobs are out there that deal with anything related to do this? Also, what are the degree levels…

What kind of jobs are out there for english majors in college?

I definitely know that I want to major in english. I just don’t know what jobs are out there for people like me. Are there any good paying jobs for english majors? Or are there any good websites you could direct me to for further information? Thank you very much!…

Are there really clerical jobs one can do on computer and make enough money to quit work?

I have all sorts of experience with computers, publishing programs, etc. I’ve been an English instructor for ten years. Is it possible to use these skills and earn approx $30K and up by taking online jobs. Please don’t answer me with one of the wonderful networking product sales crud jobs….

What kinds of clerical jobs are there in the medical field?

I’m a junior in high school, and I would really like to figure out what I want to do before I start applying for colleges next year. I’m really interested in the medical field, but I would not want to deal with patients all day long. I am rather shy,…

What kind of jobs are there that improve upon existing things, technology, and business policies?

Well I want to know what kind of jobs there are like people that improve upon technology like cell phones, or things like the way businesses do things? What is the job title, or what kind of degree/major would you have to get? Republished by Blog Post Promoter

What are types of jobs are out there that are social in nature?

I am currently working as an Administrative CSR at an insurance brokerage firm. My job is extremely tedious and monotonous. I am often bored to tears. What are types of jobs that involves something like training or coaching or, even event planning, as the job responsibilities? What type of requirements…

What kind of ship jobs are there other than cruiseship jobs?

I would like to work on a ship after high school. Since I could always remember. Yet I do not know what kind of jobs there are and the internet seems useless for once. I am NOT looking for a cruise ship job. So what type of jobs are there…

What type of jobs can you get with a bechelors in business administration? Are there any federal jobs that?

I would qualify for? How much would the jobs pay starting off and with some years of experience? Republished by Blog Post Promoter

What jobs are there in the entertainment industry?

I dream of having a job in the music or movie industry. I am wondering what jobs involve coming up with movie or cd covers. Also what education I would need for that. I would also like to know what jobs involve picking songs out for movie soundtracks. Please do…