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Teen Summer Jobs

Jobs are few and far between with the high unemployment rate. And the summer jobs frequently filled by teens are going to adults who are in need of a paycheck. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

Hamish and Andy: Summer Jobs

Unemployed over the summer, Hamish Blake and Andy Lee find summer jobs without the hassle of the interview. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

What good summer jobs can a forigner find in london?

I am an 18year old, mexican born, US resident, and my uncle has offered me the opportunity of staying at his house in london for the summer, but he has stated that i must find a job. given my position and background, what jobs can I find? furthermore, where should…

What are some good jobs for a 16 year old during the summer?

What are some good part time summer jobs for a sixteen year old girl. I dont really wanna work at a clothing store however. A job that i could make some new friends boys and girls.

What are some summer jobs that allows guys to work on the job shirtless?

Besides working as a lifeguard; what are some summer jobs that will allow a guy to work shirtless on the job?