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What are some jobs for high school students that demand physical labor?

I don’t seem to have to time for exercise and a job, so hey, I figure putting it into one category works. I just can’t think of any good jobs for a high schooler that would demand enough labor to keep someone in good shape…any ideas? Republished by Blog Post…

What are good jobs for students majoring in anthropology?

I am a student who is majoring Anthropology and I would like some advice. I am looking for a part-time job, but I want something that would look good on my application when I am ready to apply for a masters program. Any advice about what types of jobs would…

How A Company Mentoring Program Can Help College Students Find Jobs For College Grads

One problem that almost every college student faces when they graduate is where to find their first job. Jobs for college grads are few and far between, as most companies prefer to employ workers who have had experience in a particular field or have higher qualifications than a basic degree….