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What are some jobs cathcing and studying wild animals and reptiles around the world?

can somebody please help me. I want a job traveling the world but while studying wild animals and reptiles especially. I am always fishing and in the woods and at the creek with animals but i dont know what to do. please help!!!! If somebody can put jobs out there…

What are some jobs for high school students that demand physical labor?

I don’t seem to have to time for exercise and a job, so hey, I figure putting it into one category works. I just can’t think of any good jobs for a high schooler that would demand enough labor to keep someone in good shape…any ideas? Republished by Blog Post…

What are some jobs one could do revolving around skiing or snowboarding?

I know i will not be able to go pro (i am good though), but i would like to do something with skiing or snowboarding possibly as a job. Any ideas for jobs or carears one could do while making a decent amount of money? Republished by Blog Post Promoter

What are some good jobs that involve intuitive reasoning and interaction with people?

The only thing that comes to my mind are computer helpdesk jobs or social work. If you can think of specific starter jobs you’ve had please list them as well. Thanks. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

What are some jobs that you can do with a degree in Computer Animation?

My fiance is interested in going to school for computer animation and ultimately would like to work at someplace like Dreamworks. What other jobs/careers can you use this degree for until he is able to get the job he really wants?? Thanks in advance! Republished by Blog Post Promoter

What are some jobs that allow me to interact with exotic animals?

I live in san diego and I’m looking for jobs other than the san diego zoo. I already know about wildlife rehabilitation centers which i think would be cool to work at but I don’t know what requirements you would need to work there. If there is a specific wild…

What are some careers/jobs where it is important to know multiple languages?

I am very interested in languages and want to learn as many as possible. I was wondering if I could make this into a career. What are some jobs where it’s good to know many languages or jobs where you must know multiple languages? Republished by Blog Post Promoter

What are some suggestions of good 3rd shift jobs?

I am currently a part time student (this is for my 2nd degree)who works full time. I’ve been thinking about finding a 3rd shift job so I can go to school full or almost full time as well. Most of my jobs have been office work, so the only 3rd…

What are some good jobs to have if you want to be an ultrasound technician?

I want to do ultrasound when I get out of school next year. What jobs will help prepare me for a job like that? What skills and/or techniques should I work on in order to excel in this career? Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank You. Republished by Blog Post…

What are some jobs a teenager could get that don’t involve customer service?

I really want a job so that I can start to afford some things on my own. I have no work experience, though, and I would really like to start out without flipping patties or getting yelled at by angry customers regularly. What are some teenager jobs that keep customer…