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What jobs are good for someone who does NOT have good communication skills?

My 19 year old son deals with social anxiety and and what’s called Selective Mutism. If you’re not familiar with this, basically it means he can talk and have conversations but because of his anxiety issues, he stresses easily over very normal every day issues, mostly in decision making and…

What are the best jobs for people who has extraordinary people skills?

I have a friend who is exceptionally good at getting people open to her. I have witnessed this multiple times and it is very strange. Random people that she meets on street, ladies rooms or gym share their secrets with her within 30 minutes of talking to her. She is…

What is a good job without going to college good jobs for people with poor clerical skills?

I am a freshman engineering student that is very bright but i am struggling in school because my mind doesn’t work fast enough for much any kind of class work. Are there any good jobs for people like this I was thinking fire fighter maybe. Please people with experience help….