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What types of jobs can I get with a major in Telecommunications?

I am planning on majoring in Telecomm. in college this year but I am not 100% sure what types of jobs would be available with that major. I am really interested in working either in something involving movies or maybe radio. Is there maybe a list of specific jobs I…

Dirty Jobs: Rice Milling part 1

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Online Jobs to Make Earn Online

Getting an online job might be a serious task and at the same time might be as easy as you can ever imagine. You pay to register for some while others are free. Online jobs provide extra income if not a dependable full time job opportunities for those involved. Freelance…

Steve Jobs Introduces GaragBand 1.0 (assisted by John Mayer)

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im 13 and i really want a job. i live in Greensboro Nc and i cant find a site with job listings for teens. if any1 could help find some sort of job i dont care what the pay is or anything, if anyone could help me find a job…

Medical Transcription Jobs at Home Are Booming

I would like to become an online medical transcriptionist because I would like to do something meaningful that I enjoy, and is also helpful to others. Recently I joined the military as a reservist after 3 years of being a stay-at-home mom and military spouse. I felt that it was…


So Im applying for a job at this supermarket which is always looking for people and everybody gets jobs there. Two of my friends in the last 2 weeks got jobs. And theyre getting pretty desperate because theyre looking for temporary workers if theres a strike. I applied online and…

First Person: Where the Jobs Are

Jobs are hard to find, but there are areas seeing more hiring than others. RealMatch’s Rafael Cosentino reveals where the jobs are. (June 5 ) Republished by Blog Post Promoter

What kind of jobs will the economic stimulus package bring about?

Harry Reid claims it will create 3.5 million jobs. What kind of jobs and how does he make that claim? Also if anybody can explain to me in laymans terms what this bill means for the average citizen. Thanks a bunch! Republished by Blog Post Promoter

What kind of jobs involve international travel?

I am interested in traveling the world for my job when i’m older. Whether it be international business, or flight attendant, I just want to see what kind of international jobs are out there. And also what should my college major be? Thanks! Republished by Blog Post Promoter