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What jobs can I get (with no prior experience) to get a good background in law for my future as a laywer?

I want to be a lawyer and I have no clue what jobs I should be taking to get more familiar with the profession. What would you recommend? Especially that will look good on a Law School application? Republished by Blog Post Promoter

What are the best jobs to apply for when a person has very little job experience?

I have no job experience and its very embarrasing to say this. I get rejected left and right for jobs. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

Are there any jobs that require a college degree and 3years of work experience?

I have almost 3years of full-time, sucurity officer, work experience and I have a Bachelor of Arts degree. I plan to be an actuary, but I might need to dedicate 2 more years of my life to get an actuarial job. I hate my present job and I want to…