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Pelosi Tells Americans to Quit their Jobs

She’s encouraging high unemployment and more welfare. Especially if your you have a hobby. There’s really no acceptable context for what she said. Unemployment will rise based solely on what she advised Americans to do. Now you can quit your job if your a musician? Job locked? WTF? Republished by…

How many jobs will Americans lose once illegals get amnesty?

Since there are 20 million here illegally and once they become citizens and bring their families over, how many Americans will lose their jobs to people who will do it for half price? The construction industry, maids, fast food restaurants, etc have already been decimated by this. Entry level jobs…

Where are the jobs? America isn’t working when Americans aren’t working

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What jobs are available for Americans other than teaching English in Japan?

I’ve read most posts asking questions about jobs and everyone replied saying to teach English. Well, If I am fluent in Japanese what other jobs could possibly be available for me there? Republished by Blog Post Promoter