Table Needs, Inc. Introduces Table Needs Bookkeeper, Providing Comprehensive Accounting Services for Counter Service Restaurants

Table Needs, Inc. announces today the launch of Table Needs Bookkeeper, an all-in-one accounting service for restaurants, cafes, juice bars and food trucks. Offering monthly bookkeeping, tax-filing services and access to professional accountants, Table Needs Bookkeeper makes it easier for owners to manage their restaurant’s finances.
“One of the biggest hurdles for restaurant owners is staying on top of their finances. It’s a tough part of running any business but it’s the only surefire way to operate a successful, profitable restaurant,” says Matthew Mazankowski, Table Needs’ Chief Revenue Officer. “Table Needs Bookkeeper makes it easy for restaurant owners to know their numbers and make more informed decisions to improve their business.”
With origins as a nimble point-of-sale system, today Table Needs is creating a unique full-service solution to help counter-service restaurants manage both day-to-day operations and the business of running a successful restaurant. 
Table Needs Bookkeeper is the latest addition to Table Needs’ growing suite of business services. Table Needs also recently launched Table Needs Marketer, a done-for-you digital marketing service for restaurants, and announced a partnership with Homebase to provide payroll, scheduling and other staffing solutions.
“The new Table Needs Bookkeeper service is hugely beneficial to our existing client partners and also works great as a standalone service to other restaurants,” says Ben Simmons, CEO and co-founder of Table Needs. “Our goal is to reduce the stress that comes with running a restaurant so that more restaurants thrive and continue to serve their local communities for years to come.”
Table Needs, Inc. is a fast-growing provider of restaurant technology and business services for quick-service restaurants, coffee shops and food trucks. Their growing suite of products includes point-of-sale, commission-free online ordering, digital menu management, time clock, payroll, digital marketing, accounting and more. Learn more at
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Source: Table Needs, Inc.