SynQor® Releases an Advanced Military Grade Compact 4 kW, 270 Vdc Input Inverter (MINV-4000-1U-270)

SynQor, Inc. announces the new rugged, 270 Vdc input, high power, compact, military-grade inverter (MINV-4000-1U-270). The new 4000 W 115/230 AC output inverter is low-weight with an easy-to-use design for military, airborne, naval, and mobile high-reliability applications. This inverter is designed to withstand extreme electrical, shock, vibration, and environmental conditions. The inverter draws power from a standard 270 Vdc power supply and delivers a fully isolated, well-conditioned, pure-sinusoidal AC output. Compliant with a wide range of military standards, this inverter is designed for applications where output power, space, weight, and reliability in harsh environments are a major concern. 
The MINV inverter is also exceptionally flexible. It supports parallel and N+M redundant configurations of up to 32 units for high power and/or high-reliability requirements. Multiple MINV units can be arranged to deliver complex multi-phase power schemes like 3-Phase and split-phase (doubling line-to-line output voltage and total output power). 
The new MINV-4000-1U-270 has an SNMP Ethernet base module that allows configuration via a user-friendly web interface and real-time remote monitoring with trap/email features that warn users and monitoring consoles of important system events. Other options include the wide range of AC output characteristics (115 or 230 Vrms at 50, 60 or 400 Hz); a floating ground option for aerospace and naval applications; and an electronic AC output breaker that allows users to build fault-tolerant, dependable, redundant, high-output power solutions.
Specification Compliance
The MINV-4000-1U-270 and all its internal electronic sub-assemblies are designed and manufactured by SynQor in its U.S. facilities. Please download the MINV-4000-1U-270 datasheet, the Operators Guide, and the accessories information. For more information on this or additional power application assistance, please explore or contact your local SynQor representative.
Source: SynQor, Inc.