SynergysLab Joins Cudos as Network Validator

SynergysLab joins the Cudos network in support of the democratization of infrastructure that tomorrow brings. 
“This bullrun was all about interoperability with layer2 defi protocols ushering in mass adoption; the next season will be all about  Layer3 solutions for scalability for which Cudos is already well-primed. We believe Cudos is an important mover in the democratization of critical infrastructure in this data-driven, global economy. We’re honored to be among the inaugural class of validators, as I’d followed Cudos’s progress for the past several years with excitement for what it could do to make scaled computing capacity and cloud accessible – which is everything for bootstrapped builders like us.” Susan Oh, Principle & CEO at SynergysLab. 
SynergysLab is a private fund made up of several Covid exiles who met in Thailand during lockdown last year. These technologists each have their story to tell, having previously left their native homes due to political conflict, war, or lack of opportunity. They all share personal experiences of integral failures of centralized systems. These friends came together in their shared belief of what’s right – a democratization of value and financial inclusion, with access to the global, digital economy for all.
Funding and support is a troublesome part of young, technical talents’ road to success. The small and lean team is able to deploy capital, and technical expertise directly to founders with a proprietary process created for bootstrapped autodidacts. For early-stage founders, SynergysLab can move them quickly towards testnet, based on their math models and what’s been built into code.
Interoperability and scalability are why SynergysLab invests in infrastructure. A small fund with big players, with even bigger stories. It gives talented coders building in stealth a pillar to stand on in their early stages of growth. This means going deep into builds with founders. Good tech coined by talented individuals and companies are too often exploited in this highly technical, rapidly moving space, which is mitigated through funding, personal networks, and intelligent systems design. 
“AI and Machine Learning are one of the workloads that we’re working on tokenizing and distributing across the Cudos network. From the first conversation we had with Susan, we very quickly identified her as an expert in the industry. We share the same passion for AI and Blockchain, and therefore, remain privileged and proud to have her expertise support the Cudos Global Validator Network. Our network and team are unquestionably stronger with Susan onboard!” Nuno Pereira, VP of Partnerships at Cudo.
About SynergysLab
Our mission at SynergysLab, is to encourage the responsible adoption of digital assets, with the aim of financial inclusion and the freedom to transact, even with a basic level of technical and financial knowledge. We fund and build protocols and systems mathematically modeled to be non-extractive, fueled by the fundamental belief that any who choose to learn, adapt, and participate should share in the value they help create. We invest in infrastructure with generative business models baked in to transform movements into communities.
About Cudos
CUDOS allows anyone to leverage their unused computing capacity as a way to participate in the global economy. Cudos is bridging the gap between Cloud and Blockchain, by using the world’s available computing to power a more decentralized, sustainable and connected world by becoming a cross-chain, decentralized compute network, with CUDOS as the utility & infrastructure token. What this means is Cudos can power other blockchains and scale to the demands of cloud computing required today.
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Source: Cudos