Switzerland Publishes Expanded List of Approved Substances for Food Contact Ink

Switzerland publishes a new positive list containing 5,343 substances that can be used for packaging ink under its food contact legislation.

RO 2020 4811 was published under Official Collection No. 149 of November 24, 2020, replacing Appendix 10 to RS 817.023.21. The new list contains 53 more substances than its predecessor.

Packaging inks are defined in the legislation as:

• Mixtures of ink and printed varnishes to be printed on the surface of materials and articles that do not come into direct contact with food
• Manufactured from substances such as binders, dyes, pigments, plasticizers, solvents and other additives
• Layers of packaging ink which, in their finished state, are thin films or printing varnishes that are dried or hardened on the surface of materials and articles

The latest version of the list came into effect on December 1, 2020.

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