Switzerland Next in Line to Digitize Tourist Guides

As millions of people earn their vaccination cards and lockdown restrictions are eased, thousands of tourists are venturing back out into the world. Venice, Paris, and other popular tourist destinations are welcoming more visitors than they have in the past 18 months, and these people are enjoying the opportunity to dine out again, see the sights, and explore their surroundings once more without needing to sport a face mask. While a sense of normalcy is returning, certain aspects of travel are fundamentally different from what they were pre-pandemic.
Tourists now prefer to travel independently with their friends and family as opposed to exploring in groups of strangers. The problem with this is the lack of an informed guide who knows the area like a local. Progressive national and regional tourism boards have acknowledged the need to cater to demand for individual tourism, and they are seeking ways to empower international visitors with the means to travel on their own via smart audio guides and walking tour software.
Enter SmartGuide – the audio guide for tourists that accompanies them on their excursions. Tourists who use SmartGuide can book their travel online and embark on self-guided tours using this comprehensive audio guide system. Recently, the Czech government supported the rollout of the SmartGuide digital audio guide system and walking tour software to a hundred destinations nationwide. The Singaporean National Heritage Board digitized nine of its heritage trails, and the Kyrgyz Ministry of Tourism digitized English tourist audio guides. And now, most recently, Switzerland Tourism published 24 Swiss City self-guided walking tours on SmartGuide – the world’s most rapidly-growing digital walking tour software.
Why Tourism Boards Are Rolling Out SmartGuide
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Source: SmartGuide