Switch Lighting Partners Up for Even Greater Success

Switch Lighting, the go-to source for commercial LED lighting, has made the decision to partner with GrowME Marketing. This is a great opportunity for both companies, as GrowME works to grow Switch Lighting, and Switch Lighting does its best to keep up with all its new customers!
Why People Work with Switch Lighting
For businesses, consumers and everyone in-between, commercial LED lighting can help them see better! With an emphasis on new technologies like LED retrofitting, commercial lighting, UVC, solar equipment, and so much more, this company delivers on the dual promises of great service and great availability. But surely other businesses must also offer this service, so how does Switch Lighting innovate and improve?
How Switch Lighting Differentiates Itself
Switch Lighting is the leading factory direct supplier of commercial LED lighting in Western Canada. They provide direct access to off-the-shelf LED lights that can transform a business’s functionality, energy-efficiency, and operations. They can make any necessary adjustments to LED lighting to ensure the products are built to specifications, allowing the selection of each component that goes into a fixture. They supply agricultural, commercial, and industrial LED lighting to businesses in Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan, delivering quality each and every time. 
What Makes the Future Look Bright
Now that this great company has begun working with an advertising agency, things will likely start improving at a rapid pace. It’s best to get in early with rising stars like these, so learn more about them here and check out their selection here! 
Source: Switch Lighting