SWABD Launches FDA Approved Wedding COVID Test Kits Direct to Consumers

SWABD aims to make wedding rescheduling and downsizing a thing of the past as they introduce “day-of” wedding COVID-19 tests to the US market. SWABD is a rapid COVID-19 Antigen test that allows for effective screening of the COVID-19 infection on a large scale, giving couples, guests, and event industry professionals the peace of mind to move forward with celebrating safely in person. 
SWABD has obtained Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) by the FDA to distribute their self-administered kits and is excited to bring this much needed solution directly to consumers across the country. SWABD uses the Carestart Antigen test, manufactured by their lab partner, Access Bio Inc. An EUA for this test was issued Oct. 8, 2020, and can be found here: https://www.fda.gov/media/142916/download
SWABD’s beautifully packaged, wedding COVID-19 individual test kits are distributed for each guest to use before the wedding, designed to detect the virus in just 10 minutes. Guests should get SWABD before entering the venue, before hopping on the shuttle, or anywhere “day-of” prior to seeing people outside their pod. Simple swab, dip, swish, drop and wait for results. 
SWABD believes couples should celebrate fearlessly, if science can allow it. That is why the team of scientists at SWABD is at the forefront of COVID-19 research, utilizing advanced technology to provide fast and affordable COVID-19 test kits. Other Antigen tests can cost upwards of $200 each, and PCR tests require a lab visit with a two day wait for results. SWABD offers their rapid FDA approved wedding COVID Antigen test for only $44 per kit and no waiting around. 
The Science: 
SWABD antigen tests are “contagiousness” tests. They are extremely effective (>99.3% sensitivity compared to the typically used PCR test) in detecting COVID-19 when individuals are most contagious, meaning they will catch someone who is infectious, even if they aren’t showing symptoms. The high specificity, (>99.99%) means that fewer than one in multiple thousands will have a false positive. Because asymptomatic and vaccinated guests can still spread the virus, SWABD informs them if they are contagious to others, regardless of how they feel. 
How it works: 
After the nasal swab sample is eluted in the extraction buffer solution, the extracted swab sample is added to the sample well of the test device. Test results are interpreted in 10 minutes. The presence of two colored lines in the control line region “C” and the test line region “T” indicates COVID-19 positive. The presence of one colored line in the control line region C indicates COVID-19 negative. No appearance of a colored line in the control region “C” indicates an invalid test.

Please visit the SWABD website for more detailed information regarding the science behind their game changing test kits.
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Source: SWABD