Svelty Launches Smart Super Synbiotic with DUOCAP™ Technology

Singapore – Backed by proven scientific results and innovative capsule technology, Svelty launches its newest health supplement – Smart Super Synbiotic. It features a first-in-Japan DUOCAP™ technology that is used to safely deliver both prebiotics and probiotics consisting of 30 billion live bacteria from 33 different strains to the gut in a single capsule.

As a synbiotic, it synergistically combines both prebiotics and probiotics to promote gastrointestinal and overall health.

The innovative DUOCAP™ technology encases an inner capsule of probiotics within a liquid-filled outer capsule that contains prebiotics. This capsule-in-capsule technology protects the moisture and heat-sensitive probiotics in the gastric environment and safely delivers the live bacterial colonies to the gut in two stages.

The DUOCAP™ first dissolves in the stomach and releases the liquid prebiotics, creating a nutrient-rich environment that helps feed good bacteria.

Probiotics are then safely delivered to the intestines and work synergistically with the prebiotics for maximal improvement in gut activity.

Smart Super Synbiotic’s prebiotics feature a blend of two types of oligosaccharides that is clinically proven to increase gut activity by nearly four times.

The prebiotics create a nutrient-rich environment when they are released in the stomach to feed the good bacteria. Isomaltooligosaccharide, found in soy sauce, miso and honey, activates Bifidobacterium and Lactic Acid Bacteria while fructooligosaccharide, which is derived from plants and fruits, activates intestinal flora to feed beneficial bacteria and stimulate healthy microbiota.

The proprietary blend of probiotics is delivered to the intestines via the inner capsule which releases 30 billion live bacteria from 33 different strains. Smart Super Synbiotic contains the highest content of bacteria strains compared to other brands in the market.

One of the strains is Leuconostoc Mesenteroides NTM048, a new plant-derived Lactic Acid Bacteria, discovered in Japan that is obtained from green peas. Bacterial exopolysaccharides (EPS) found in NTM048 is proven to improve intestinal health, promote immune support, regulate bowel movement and reduce visceral fat found around the organs .

Other key strains of bacteria also play a significant role in helping to improve intestinal health: SMART Bacteria & KURAHANA Lactic Acid Bacteria to boost the immune system and gut health; JUKOKU Koji, Lactoferrin and Lactose for intestinal flora health; and EC-12 & Bifidus B3 Bacteria for healthy bowels, gut health and weight & body fat reduction.

Mr Keigo Tiger Hishiya, Managing Director at NatureLab, which owns Svelty says, “There has been growing evidence that overall health relates to the intestinal environment and consequential studies done in bacteria activity. We spent more than two years developing Smart Super Synbiotic, using innovative capsule technology from France and USA to fortify the delivery of live bacteria to the gut to ensure effectiveness.”

An invigorating blend of 12 types of herbs and 121 types of naturally plant-derived, wild grass fermented and aged extract powder enhances Smart Super Synbiotic’s detoxification properties: 57 wild grasses, 35 vegetables, 24 fruits and five seaweeds.

Svelty has quickly established itself as an effective health and wellness supplement brand from Japan. Its variety of supplements for different types of body functions is made from natural ingredients and they are known to help with unhealthy lifestyle choices such as poor diets. Its top-selling product, Pakkun Yeast, is well known as an effective fat and carbohydrate blocker which breaks down carbohydrates and sugar while helping to prevent fat from being absorbed by the body.

Since its launch, more than 18.2 million boxes of Svelty products have been sold – with top celebrities from Japan, China and Hong Kong making up the brand’s clientele.

Smart Super Synbiotic is now available online and at selected Guardian and Welcia-BHG stores island-wide. A box of 30 capsules retails for $69.90.

Smart Super Synbiotic is a daily supplement, to be taken ideally between 10pm and 2am at night.

About Svelty
Svelty is a leading diet and weight management brand from Japan that develops products with a holistic approach to good health. Having sold more than 18.2 million boxes since its establishment in 2014, the brand launched its latest innovative supplement, Smart Super Synbiotic, as a game-changer in gastrointestinal health. Adopting Japan’s first DUOCAP™ technology, a proprietary capsule-in-capsule delivery system is designed to protect live bacteria against stomach acid and safeguard viability through the digestive tract.

About NatureLab
“Strength to humanity” is NatureLab’s corporate philosophy which reflects its commitment to providing value to people around the world through its quality products and content. The company promotes open innovation with researchers around the world to develop novel evidence-based original formulations. The company boasts a line-up of highly functional value-added brands, such as MARO, MARO17, Moist Diane and the plant stem cell based LITs skincare series to complement the popular Svelty brand.

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