Susan Littmann’s new book, ‘Only the God Knows – Sally Ann Slivinski’, is a revealing anthology delving deeper into the life of a disabled individual and their family

Susan Littmann, a former special education teacher, a summa cum laude with a MA degree from the University of Wisconsin, a director and co-founder of Come Follow Me, Inc., has completed her new book, “Only the God Knows – Sally Ann Slivinski”: an awe-inspiring account that centers around a family whose lives were altered forever after the discovery of their youngest member’s handicaps. Sally’s situation made Susan and her family hold on to their faith more, and their trust in the Lord carried them through the years to come.

Littmann writes, “Only the God Knows is a labor of profound love. Despite what appeared to be an unnecessary burden to many outsiders, caring for Sally provided our family with insight, compassion, and a deep trust in God. In a remarkable parallel to Flowers for Algernon’s main character, Charlie Gordon, Sally defied the predictions of her medical staff by overcoming the debilitation of a genetic disorder and transforming from complete dependence as a child to a productive member of society. Like Charlie, Sally’s life ended tragically—hers the result of a traumatic head injury that occurred during her early adolescence. In addition to a biographical lens that peers deeply into the life of an individual with multiple handicaps, Only the God Knows provides a historical handbook that critically evaluates the ongoing development of the various agencies involved in supporting our nation’s disabled population. Only the God Knows is intended to provide struggling families, experiencing frustrations similar to ours, with knowledge, awareness, and determination in order to independently research and seek the appropriate services that extend beyond the well-intended advice of professionals in the field.”
Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Susan Littmann’s new book is a life-changing trek that aims to counsel those frustrated and struggling families who may find themselves in the shoes of Susan’s family. It encourages them to become advocates by conducting their own research and seeking alternative approaches for their family members with disabilities. Also found in the pages of this book are the documented experiences of Sally’s family that cover the pros and cons of well-known agencies in the field of special services.
This is an honest testimony of how great a family’s strength is in withstanding every trial and tribulation.
Readers can purchase “Only the God Knows – Sally Ann Slivinski” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.
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Source: Covenant Books