SURFING CORPORATE® announced today the upcoming launch of its new podcast, The Surfing Corporate Podcast, to debut on Thursday, September 30, 2021, to coincide with the celebration of International Podcast Day™ (#internationalpodcastday).
The Surfing Corporate Podcast tackles the themes and issues of corporate life with a humorous and relatable point of view. Created by former corporate executives who have first-hand experience of what really goes on behind fancy corporate doors, this podcast aims to entertain as well as provide practical advice to employees who are currently navigating the often-turbulent waters of corporate America.
Each week, hosts Aileen Merciel and Glenda Pacanins—both veteran ex-corporate executives—interview corporate insiders who share hilarious and horrifying real-life stories, their personal experiences dealing with the ups and downs of their respective careers, as well as their strategies to keep surviving the sometimes savage corporate currents. Through its engaging and humorous lens, The Surfing Corporate Podcast helps employees survive the kind of everyday pitfalls using empathy, brutal honesty, witty humor, and advice based on real-life experiences.
The Surfing Corporate Podcast is the latest offering from SURFING CORPORATE, a premier lifestyle brand launched in 2020 to entertain, support, and expose corporate employees to new ways of thinking about work and the workplace through a comprehensive website, blog, social media community, and now, podcast. SURFING CORPORATE was created for employees looking for guidance and advice or who just want to commiserate as they navigate the intense dynamics of the corporate workplace.
“I wish I’d had SURFING CORPORATE when I was climbing up the corporate ladder, since it can be a very isolating and puzzling experience at times. Our goal is to help people feel seen, validated and listened to in their daily work struggles and accomplishments, all while having a good laugh along the way,” said SURFING CORPORATE Founder and Chief Content Officer, Aileen Merciel.
The Surfing Corporate Podcast will be available starting Thursday, September 30, 20201, on Spotify, Audible, Amazon and Apple Podcasts. For more information on The Surfing Corporate Podcast visit
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Source: Surfing Corporate