Super-premium Tolago Hard Seltzer, Created by Talent Collective, Comes Out of the Gate Strong to Set New Category Paradigm

Tolago Hard Seltzer was conceptualized late in 2019 and – pandemic notwithstanding – was canned less than nine months later, in August 2020. The accelerated launch was an incredible feat for a small, ambitious team, and included creating the concept, formulating “the juice,” designing packaging, sourcing everything from fully recyclable aluminum cans to 100% organic, fair trade agave nectar, lining up all commercial partnerships, creating an e-commerce presence, and launching to capture the attention of highly sought-after California consumers.
All four sophisticated Tolago flavors (Ginger Pear, Guava Mango, Cherry Rose, and Agave Lime) reached the brand’s distributor – the largest in California – in September 2020. Tolago Hard Seltzers were on retail shelves by October 2020, and the brand is on track to pull in a quarter million in revenue this calendar year, 1% of which will go to environmental causes. Tolago can be purchased from more than 400 brick-and-mortar outlets, as well as from e-commerce sites including Pink Dot, PostMates, GrubHub, and Drizly. The virtual world also took notice: in its first week, Tolago attracted more than 250,000 social media profile views, and its site drew more than 68,000 unique visitors.
Founder & CEO Nick Greeninger says: “Our mission was to create a hard seltzer made from real, natural ingredients, in order to end up with a final product free of the metallic and chemical tasting finish many hard seltzers tend to have. We have a unique group of owners with a vested interest in the long-term success of the business. Here at Tolago, we want to provide the best hard seltzer money can buy.”
Tolago’s unique, 34-member owner advocates comprise athletes, musicians, and artists of many stripes, ranging from fashion designers to fine artist Matt McCormick (who is a co-founder of the business). Another point of difference was Tolago’s pricing strategy: this brand was one of the first to drive super-premium product and price into the hard seltzer category, which is now a visible trend. Tolago initially launched in California; New Jersey will open on Jan. 10, 2021, and additional states are slotted for Spring 2021. The California distributor has depleted more than 1,000 cases in just two months, and Tolago is hiring for select sales roles.
About Tolago Hard Seltzer
Tolago is based on all-natural ingredients, including ethically sourced fresh fruit juices, purées, and natural botanicals from Southern California, as well as fair-trade certified 100% organic agave nectar from Mexico. Clean of chemical taste, gluten-free, and 5% ABV, the flavors include Ginger Pear, Guava Mango, Cherry Rose, and Agave Lime. Available only in fully-recyclable printed standard cans from Ball, the seltzers are premium priced and come in 6-can and 12-can cartons, with SRPs of $12.99 and $24.99, respectively.
In addition to Creative Director Matt McCormick, the talent collective behind the brand includes Brand Director Stevie Dreher, who is known for discovering and nurturing some of America’s top electronic musicians. Others within the 34-member collective include photographer Sandy Kim; skateboarder Louie Lopez; singer Omar Apollo; surfer Mitch Coleborn; and 2x Winter Olympian snowboarder Elena Hight. Each member of the group uses his or her talent, outlook, and network to facilitate unique collaborations and opportunities across the three tiers.
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