SunMan Engineering Releasing Expanded Portfolio of IoT Products

Founded in 1990, SunMan Engineering has extensive experience providing end-to-end product development and technology R&D to government agencies, defense technology firms, and commercial companies — from startup to Fortune 500. Its areas of focus include product architecture, product development, product prototyping, as well as firmware and software development.

SunMan Engineering leverages the expertise it has gained from working with clients in various verticals and applies the insights to create a high level of synergy and cross-pollination in its product development process.

“We understand the entire design and manufacturing process so we can take our clients from concept to product and get their projects done,” said Allen Nejah, CEO of SunMan Engineering. “We have the technological know-how, as well as the business and marketing expertise to help our clients avoid pitfalls while keeping their projects on time and on budget.”

In particular, the company is expanding its portfolio of products designed to simplify IoT (Internet of Things) for a wide range of connectivity applications. With this renewed focus, SunMan Engineering will support its customers to tap into the fast-growing IoT global market, which is expected to grow to about $520B in 2021 and reach 1.6 trillion by 2025.

In light of recent events, which will impact the global supply chain for the foreseeable future, SunMan’s approach of using mostly US-manufactured parts helps its customers minimize supply chain disruptions.

“Our Silicon Valley-based team strives to balance sourcing, cost, and supply chain management so our customers can optimize their manufacturing processes and profitability,” said Nejah. “In addition, we support our clients with business and marketing research to implement their long-term business visions.”

SunMan Engineering has been a leader in IoT and wireless connectivity for over 25 years. The company has helped over 350 companies architect and develop numerous IoT products.

For 2020 and beyond, SunMan Engineering will leverage the many IoT products in its portfolio and its expertise in wireless technologies to augment its high-tech product development services. It’s committed to providing quality services that will help its clients develop high-tech products from concept to manufacturing.

In addition, the labor market has changed dramatically during the Covid-19 pandemic. SunMan Engineering is equipped with the staff and experience to handle a surge in demand as organizations revert back to outsourcing so they can adapt to fluctuations in supply and demand while staying agile in the fast-changing business environment.

To learn more about SunMan Engineering, visit or contact them at (408) 441-1500.