Summit Educational Group Launches New, Innovative 1-1 Peak Academic Math and Writing Courses

Summit Educational Group is pleased to announce a new suite of advanced math and writing courses designed to elevate students’ understanding of concepts and strengthen their skill set and confidence level. The customized courses, 1-1 Peak Academic Math and 1-1 Peak Academic Writing, will be taught online or in-person by highly qualified tutors who are experts in their field. The courses serve to extend the company’s tutoring expertise into essential programs for core academic subjects.
The courses, designed for students who are looking to accelerate their learning in math and writing, will provide each student with a way to stand out academically, as well as foster an in-depth understanding of topics that cut across the span of their scholastic and professional careers. The 1-1 Peak Academic courses will also help bolster each student’s skill set after a challenging year in education due to the pandemic.
With Summit’s established expertise in 1-1, individualized test prep and academic tutoring, the Peak 1-1 programs are a natural next step for the company.
The new courses will result not only in an increased understanding of topics but also in the development of an instinct for problem-solving and the writing process. “As a result of Summit’s 1-1 Peak Academic Courses, our students will learn how to meet tasks with more confidence and less frustration, conquering the fear and stress that often accompanies even starting math problems or writing assignments,” said Summit Founder and CEO, Charlie O’Hearn.
“Each student possesses specific goals, a unique learning style, a distinct personality, and personal strengths and areas for improvement,” O’Hearn said. “Only through one-on-one tutoring can a student’s needs be fully assessed and a customized plan be created.”
Peak Math Courses
Summit offers six different math courses: Grade 4 Math, Grade 5 Math, Pre-algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry. The goal of these courses is to bring the student immersive, engaging content that will help ensure success now and in future math classes. The skills and strengths developed in these courses will lead to eager engagement with math, and the development of transferrable skills such as perseverance, confidence, and creative problem solving.
Peak Analytical Writing Course
Our Peak Analytical Writing course focuses on teaching students to master analytical writing, the most important, and most frequent type of writing that students encounter in high school and college. In this engaging program, students will learn to structure their essays, deepen their analysis, develop their arguments, and create quality supportive examples that showcase their true writing skills. This level of skills development will help students prepare for honors, advanced placement (AP), and other higher-level English classes as well as other subjects requiring strong written communication.
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