Summers Web Designs Recognized for Service Quality and Results

To succeed in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, business leaders rely on quality support from their service providers. Those providers offering demonstrable, high-quality services represent a select group that should be deliberately sought out when seeking support.

Summers Web Designs was recognized by StrategyDriven Enterprises as a high-quality service provider. Having completed a certification process, Summers Web Designs was deemed to deliver demonstrable client results.

“Support from service providers who share a business leader’s passion for success is key to the advancement of any business,” explains Karen Juliano, StrategyDriven’s Vice President of Communications and Marketing. “Having evaluated Summers Web Designs, we are thrilled to add them to StrategyDriven’s Service Provider Network.”

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About Summers Web Designs
Summers Web Designs partners with local companies to develop and run digital marketing programs focused on the development and marketing of lead generation, search engines, and social media.

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About StrategyDriven
StrategyDriven provides executives and managers with the planning and execution advice, tools, and practices needed to create greater organizational alignment and accountability for the achievement of superior bottom-line results. We believe a clear, forward-looking strategy, translatable to the day-to-day activities of all organization members, is critical to realizing success in today’s fast-paced market environment. Not only does a compelling, well-executed strategy align individuals to common goals, but it also ensures those goals best serve the company’s mission.

At StrategyDriven, our seasoned business leaders deliver real-world strategic business planning and tactical execution best practice advice – a blending of workplace experience with sound research and academic principles – to business leaders who may not otherwise have access to these resources.

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