Summer Sports Bring Dehydration Warnings and New Hydration-Boosting Product Called ENDUROLETE, says

Along with hot summer days comes the challenge of maintaining proper hydration, especially when engaging in athletics, such as running, biking, hiking, swimming, and tennis … or team sports like beach volleyball, softball, flag football, and soccer — or just taking the family dog on a long walk. To help weekend warriors, elite athletes and active people everywhere stay hydrated and performing at their very best, an innovative new hydration-boosting product called ENDUROLETE was recently introduced exclusively online at
Since the body is comprised of over two-thirds water, the importance of fluid replacement during exercise cannot be overstated. However, some hydration choices are considered less than desirable. For example, many so-called “energy, sports drinks and powders” are loaded with significant amounts of caffeine and sugar — sometimes as much sugar as found in popular sodas and soft drinks. Experts agree that these types of sports drinks can be counter-productive to the hydration process. In contrast, ENDUROLETE comes in capsule form and is designed to work in an entirely different way to help stave off dehydration and keep people performing at peak efficiency.  
“ENDUROLETE is scientifically formulated and designed to help maintain water balance, stabilize electrolytes and help to improve performance,” according to its website “It’s unique because it’s the first non-sugary hydration product in capsule form on the market. The main ingredient in our proprietary formula helps the body retain moisture during exercise, which can lead to improved hydration and less risk of dehydration.”
Personal trainers, physical therapists, coaches, and sports medicine experts report that far too many people rely strictly on feeling “thirsty” as the main signal that it’s time to hydrate. Unfortunately, by the time people are feeling thirsty, dehydration may already be negatively impacting performance and lead to fatigue, dizziness, confusion, fever, and vomiting. “ENDUROLETE is a very convenient way to stay hydrated,” says its website, which suggests taking one ENDUROLETE capsule an hour prior to strenuous athletics, and another dosage every four hours of continued activity. 
The makers of ENDUROLETE encourage people to read every label carefully to make sure the energy drink, sports drink or powder doesn’t contain significant amounts of sugar, sugar substitutes and caffeine, which can impede the hydration process. “ENDUROLETE has none of those potentially harmful ingredients. Our goal is to make it simpler for top athletes, exercise buffs, and active people everywhere to stay hydrated, have more fun and perform at peak efficiency.”
ENDUROLETE customers seem to be enjoying the product. As one customer said, “Endurance has always been a problem for me when it comes to long-distance running. I attributed it to getting older. After I ordered Endurolete I realized it wasn’t age, it was the way I was hydrating. Endurolete is the hydration hack I never knew I needed!”  
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