Subscription-based Skeddy App for Lyft drivers is about to launch in the mid of May

Skeddy Technologies Inc. has announced a launch of a subscription-based Skeddy App For Lyft Drivers on both iOS and Android platforms.

In the mid of May Skeddy Technologies Inc. is planning to launch a subscription-based Pro version of the Skeddy mobile app for Lyft drivers. The free Lite version of the app for iOS has been available for Lyft drivers since December last year, and has allowed Lyft drivers to earn about $1.5M already. Despite the fact that the COVID-19 quarantine has dramatically reduced the number of scheduled pickups, the app has gained a proven record of up to $1,300 weekly earnings by Skeddy drivers during these hard times.

For a decent $20 monthly subscription fee, the new Pro release launched on both iOS and Android platforms will help Lyft drivers to earn more while spending less time behind the wheel. All Lyft drivers will receive 2 weeks of free service at launch According to Anatoly Tkach, the Skeddy project’s coordinator and co-owner, “Our solution is ready for the mass-market. It has been successfully tested for 24 weeks already by a focus group of more than 1000 Lyft drivers, who are spending at least 4 hours daily behind the wheel. Compared to their previous Lyft experience without Skeddy, the focus group drivers report around 100% average weekly revenue increase.”

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