Sublym Launches Its E-Commerce Store

Sublym today announced its flagship launch of its e-commerce store where customers can purchase a variety of fragrances, with an option to request a custom blend. This milestone is a major move for Sublym on its mission to offer an array of perfume oils as an alternative to alcohol-based perfume.
“It’s been seven years in the making,” says Lisa Apsunde, Founder, CEO at Sublym. “of dedicated trial and error, to get it just right… [O]ur mission is to give customers a new relationship to fragrance, one that doesn’t involve a health hazard… [Y]ou deserve more.”
Sublym offers three core fragrances and a limited-edition blend, available for purchase online.
“…Born and made in America, our inspiration stems from eclectic narratives with a secret, ancient ingredient: perfume oil. Use it and never go back to your old formulas,” says Lisa.
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About Sublym: Sublym believes that botany is poetry. Sublym lives by the highest standard of quality and practices sustainability. Only the purest ingredients are used to produce a Sublym fragrance. Cruelty-free, vegan, organic, natural, unisex, mineral-oil free, palm-oil free, carcinogen free, and paraben free.
Source: Sublym