Stronglife Functional Medicine in Lithia Combines Traditional Medicine With a Holistic Approach

Dr. Justin Scott at Stronglife Functional Medicine in Lithia focuses on identifying and addressing the underlying cause of an illness, rather than just suppressing the symptoms. “Think of us at Stronglife as ‘health detectives.’ We don’t just look at one factor, we look at a patient’s full life,” Dr. Scott explains. The science and strength of Functional Medicine in Lithia begins with detailed questionnaires and a thorough medical history and examination. “The goal is to gather clues to get a better understanding of why the body has gone into a state of dis-ease,” Dr. Scott adds.
The offices at Stronglife Functional Medicine in Lithia use a variety of cutting-edge diagnostic tools, including comprehensive laboratory testing which includes blood, urine, saliva and stool laboratory panels. These laboratory panels help the team at Stronglife objectively measure the body’s internal physiological pathways of tissue repair, immune function, energy production, detoxification, and metabolic signaling. They then use this data to find the problem and, using nutritional therapy, herbal medicine, supplements, stress management, detoxification and lifestyle changes, eliminate triggers and restore proper function and balance to achieve optimal health. “In some cases, prescription medication may be necessary but, at Stronglife Functional Medicine, we only turn to this option when it is necessary to achieve optimal heath,” Dr. Scott says. Stronglife uses an understanding of the core systems of the body, how they are related, and how their functions can be restored to prevent or even reverse many chronic illnesses.
Stronglife Functional Medicine combines traditional medicine with a holistic approach to treat fatigue, digestive issues, arthritis, hormone imbalances, diabetes/blood sugar, chronic pain, stress/adrenal dysfunction, poor memory and autoimmune diseases. Its patient-centered process takes into account all aspects that affect a person’s health: lifestyle, well-being, what they eat, work environment, relationships and communications with others, how they relax and play, hobbies, what medications they have taken, how well their digestive system functions, and what chemicals they’ve been exposed to. “When we work with patients, we take a step back to see common features that might link all the health conditions they might be experiencing. By looking for commonalties and patterns, we can offer interventions that affect multiple pathways, helping them recover their health faster and more completely,” Dr. Scott states.
Stronglife Functional Medicine is located off Fishhawk Crossing Boulevard in Lithia, Florida, and is currently accepting new patients. The office breaks treatments down into three phases: initial consult, case review, and follow-up appointments. Each phase has a detailed description on Stronglife Functional Medicine’s website along with what prospective patients will need to know before they schedule the initial consultation.
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