Streamlined Collaboration: Readymag New Features of 2022 Wrapped Up

Readymag, a tool for designing digital publications without coding, has wrapped up its most significant updates of the year and published its year-in-review Readymag Round-up 2022. It showcases accomplishments from the past year, including insights, new collaboration opportunities, and updates based on user feedback. Readymag 2022 Round-up also offers a sneak peek at what Readymag has planned for the future.
According to Mikhail Nikolaev, Readymag product manager, this year Readymag focused on simplifying the design process for teams and making collaboration easier, as the world has seen a major shift towards distributed work and the increased use of collaboration tools. 
Readymag Round-up 2022 highlights new features and updates, including the ability to give feedback, assign tasks, and discuss ideas directly within projects using Comments and the option to make changes to a project’s content without affecting the layout using Layout locked mode. 
The Readymag workspace has also undergone an update. According to Stas Aki, product designer at Readymag, “The refreshed Readymag interface is more uniform and has a simpler structure. All panels are now at the surface layer, accessible in just one click.”
Other Readymag updates include automatic SSL certificates for every site with a custom domain, the ability to upload and control the playback of background videos, and flexible hotspots for controlling the placement of pop-ups. 
Facts from Readymag Round-up 2022:
“The world has seen a major shift in distributed work, and collaboration tools took off,” said Diana Kasay, Readymag co-founder and CEO. “But achieving a successful collaborative design workflow can be challenging, especially when you have many different stakeholders weighing in on the same project. In 2023, Readymag will continue to upgrade itself as a collaborative tool, expand mechanics to boost the performance of websites created with Readymag, enable more solutions to free designers from tedious repetitive chores and provide more space for creativity”.
Readymag is a browser-based design tool that has everything you need to make visually complex websites: the most up-to-date typography, impressive animations, and complete creative freedom with no layout limitations. Readymag doesn’t restrict creativity, offering free composition, a customizable grid, and a blank page to start with. Readymag is the perfect solution for users torn between simple website builders and complex systems that require the help of professional developers. 
Source: Readymag