StoryCloud Releases TouchFree Transcripts™ a Completely Software-Driven Product for Litigation and Dispute Resolution Matters

​StoryCloud announces the release of TouchFree Transcripts™, the first scalable, low-cost, completely software-driven transcript designed for insurance carriers and defense firms.
“The work product, specifically crafted for high volume litigation carriers, addresses their need for a low-cost deliverable where 97% of all cases settle without a dispositive motion,” said Ken Kalb, CEO of StoryCloud. “This is a $100.00 transcript work product for insurance carriers and defense firms,” he continued.
Every month insurance carriers depose nearly 100,000 witnesses with an eye toward settling cases quickly and at the lowest possible cost. In many instances, “we just need a useful record of the proceedings,” said Bob Van Brocklin, senior counsel to Stoel Rives.​
StoryCloud has developed a proprietary work product that includes an AI-generated transcript and an audio-video text viewer and player. This enables attorneys and claims adjusters to rapidly assess the value of a case and make decisions to reduce the cycle time. From the time the deposition is complete, it is automatically labeled with the appropriate speaker participants and time-stamped without the intervention of additional human resources. 
“The solution is the first of its kind. We believe it will save carriers millions of dollars in completely unnecessary fees,” said JD Harriman, partner at Foundation Law Group. 
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