StockGraphy Launches ‘Community for the Development System of 3D Digital Cultural Heritages’

StockGraphy Inc. is launching an event, “Community for the Development of 3D Digital Cultural Heritages.”
StockGraphy will discuss the construction of a wide-ranging utilization system for photogrammetry technology with SHARP CORPORATION through this event.

– Transmitting the “present” of shaped objects that deteriorate over the years as 3D digital data to the future –

To contribute to the 3D digital archive of more valuable shaped objects, StockGraphy will work toward developing methods to maximize accuracy and establish an expandable production system.
Technology to transmitting a shape of cultural property to the future
The appearance and values of arts, crafts, and cultural properties will change over time, and it will not be possible to maintain their current state. Therefore, StockGraphy has developed high-precision 3D digitization technology to protect arts, crafts, and cultural properties.
In the future, StockGraphy will discuss the 3D digitization technology with SHARP CORPORATION, a leading company in the area of preserving valuable objects through its technology.
“Co-creation” will expand the development system. StockGraphy will digitally preserve cultural properties worldwide.
StockGraphy runs “3DCG.iO,” a co-creation network with top global 3D meisters. In this initiative, StockGraphy will promote cooperation with 3D digitization meisters based on the activities of 3DCG.iO. StockGraphy will expand the development system by sharing high-precision workflows and aim for large-scale efforts to contribute to the 3D preservation of cultural properties worldwide.
* Top image/3D digital archive: Yu / StockGraphy Inc.
* Top image/Potters of genome: Manabu Atarashi
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Source: StockGraphy Inc.