STO Exchange Announced by Nadcab Technology

Nadcab Technology announces the Launch of Best STO Exchange.Prayagraj, UP

Nadcab Technology is excited to announce the launch of Security Token Exchange Development.

A Nadcab Technology is the best Security Token Exchange Development Company that offers safe STO Exchange services to level up your crypto Business.

A security token exchange falls under Alternative Trading System (ATS) which is regulated as broker-dealers rather than as exchange. An ATS provides a market a place to bring together the buyers and sellers of securities and needs approval from the SEC.

The official launch date for STO Exchange Service is 19 August 2020

Nadcab Technology believes STO Exchange top security token exchange development.

Security Exchange Platform
BAF Security Exchange Platform allows your users to create their own security token exchange and then connect themselves to the main network. This will ensure that the liquidity of the exchanges is maintained. There is a need in the crypto-market for exchange platforms in the market and we are here to bridge the gap.

Connection to External Exchange
Our API will connect with external security ATS exchanges to extend liquidity. The liquidity is going to be supported by the safety token deposited within the external account. As an exchange operator, you’ll create an account for your business at any external exchange for liquidity that’s hooked into the quantity deposited.

Order Matching
The BAF Matching Engine will automatically pair orders between buyers and sellers instantly at the best market price. There are also different types of orders in our engines like market orders and limit orders impact functionality.

STO Exchange Services launched at STPI (Software Technology Park of India) in Teliyarganj Prayagraj UP in the presence of the director and the whole team of Nadcab Technology on 19 August 2020

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