Stimm Jewelry Launches New Jewelry Line Focusing on Sensory Stimulation and Mindfulness

Stimm Jewelry is proud to announce the launch of its first jewelry collection, designed to help people stay calm and focused on their senses in an increasingly chaotic world. 
The range is designed for children and adults placed anywhere on the anxiety or autism spectrum, or any individual looking to develop a coping mechanism that will allow them to be more in control of their emotions and stress.
The collection is particularly relevant today, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Safety measures, such as social distancing and home isolation, have separated people and destroyed the social contact we’ve come to expect. As a result, those suffering from anxiety or experiencing other forms of emotional distress feel more distant from family, peers and community than ever before. This heightens emotional struggles and makes it harder to cope with everyday life.
Through its unique collection – which focuses specifically on anxiety and stress relief – Stimm Jewelry offers people simple and accessible coping strategies that can be used virtually anywhere.
The Prevalence of Stimming in Our Society and How Stimm Jewelry Addresses It 
Stimming refers to repetitive movements or noises that help both children and adults cope with overwhelming situations. It is a self-soothing mechanism.
Most individuals stim to a certain extent. Some play with their hair, tap a foot on the ground or use stress-relieving objects like putty or a stress ball. These behaviors are to be found everywhere around us – and within us – yet are not always obvious. Subliminally, humans use them to stay grounded. 
Stimm Jewelry’s new collection seeks to help people develop easy ways to use these self-soothing behaviors. The range comprises three collections, based on Sound, Movement and Touch. Two further collections, focusing on Sight and Scent, are planned for the near future. 
Despite being utilitarian, Stimm Jewelry is fashionable in design – something that was important in the creation of each piece. It is designed to be worn in everyday life, whether formally or informally. The jewelry is stylish and design-led, with its ‘purpose’ known only to the wearer.
About Stimm Jewelry 
Stimm Jewelry was founded by John DeCosta and Boris Bauer. They became familiar with the concept of stimming, through their respective kids. Creating a jewelry collection that focused on stress relief offered a way to help both their children and people struggling with anxiety to find a way to stay grounded. 
For more information, please contact:
Boris Bauer
646 283-8571
Source: Stimm Jewelry LLC