Sterling Foundation Management and Advisory Board for the Arts Partner at Critical Time

In collaboration with Advisory Board for the Arts (ABA), Sterling Foundation Management is pleased to announce its investment in ABA, a global research, analytics, and advisory firm that provides arts organizations it partners with (its members) unlimited access to a broad wealth of services aimed at helping them innovate, improve their business performance, and accelerate their ability to accomplish core goals. The partnership will enable ABA to provide its members an even greater level of resources, research and expert advice. Arts organizations “join” ABA through renewable multi-year partnerships and receive unlimited access to all resources of the company. Through its network of 80 participating arts organizations, across all genres and all continents, its proprietary research methodology applied over 40 years in healthcare, education, and the corporate world, and its international team with hundreds of years of combined experience stemming from organizations as varied as McKinsey & Company, the Houston Grand Opera, Washington Ballet, Burberry’s, the Corporate Executive Board, the Advisory Board Company, and the Education Advisory Board; ABA is unlike any other resource in the world of the arts.
“Sterling is proud to partner with ABA,” said Evan Unzelman, President of Sterling Foundation Management. “We share common goals and values with ABA, so partnering with them to help nonprofit arts organizations address their biggest challenges made perfect sense. Considering the impact of the recent pandemic on arts organizations, we wanted to be a part of innovative solutions borne from proven approaches that will aid the arts world to not only recover but to thrive in the years to come.”
“We are thrilled to have Sterling Foundation Management’s confidence and support,” said Chris Denby, ABA founder and Chief Executive Officer. “We couldn’t be happier to partner with nonprofit management experts like Sterling to help us offer arts organizations an unprecedented opportunity to access the best, most proven ideas from like organizations worldwide and adapt the proven and relevant best-practices of the highest-performing organizations in other industries.”
About The Advisory Board for the ArtsThe Advisory Board for the Arts is the first global company providing strategic advisory services dedicated to the arts industry writ large. Built from a unique shared learning model developed over the last 40 years that uses a combination of best practices research, rigorous data analysis, and traditional consulting techniques, ABA provides arts organizations worldwide the strategies to impact their most complex and pervasive problems and maximize their biggest opportunities. The company counts among its members worldwide leaders in the arts such as the Melbourne Symphony, West Kowloon Cultural District, American Ballet Theatre, Thyssen Museum, Carnegie Hall, and English National Opera.
About Sterling Foundation ManagementSterling Foundation Management is the oldest national Foundation management firm in the country. Sterling works with a broad range of advisors, clients and high net worth individuals in developing solutions to help them achieve their philanthropic, family, and financial goals through the effective use of private foundations and other charitable planning vehicles and financial services. With services covering the gamut of charitable planning options that advisors are likely to encounter or need, the firm’s services, tailored to each advisor, include charitable planning, establishment and management of private foundations and Donor Advised Fund accounts, administration of charitable remainder trusts (CRT) and charitable lead trusts, and advanced planning and implementation of CRT strategies for both new and existing CRT clients.
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Source: Sterling Foundation Management