Stephen Douglas’ New Book ‘The D Class’ Is a Suspenseful Psychological Thriller About a Teenager Named Jenny and Her Troubles, Such as Being Watched by a Creepy Stranger

Stephen Douglas, a small-town resident in America, has completed his new book “The D Class”: a gripping and potent thriller about the struggles of a teenager named Jenny.
Stephen writes, “This summer just had to be the most boring summer Jenny could remember. The only thing that kept her going was seeing Mike just about every evening. Even the time with Mike was routine and never seemed to change, but at least he was someone other than Mom or Mark in her life. As the hot days dragged by, Jenny found a few things to do. Saturdays she would go to the park when there was a little league baseball game. She felt safe there during the games because of all the people around. A few hot afternoons she went over to the laundromat and sat in front of one of the big standing fans.
“Her change jar wasn’t filling fast enough to keep her in cigarettes now, but Mike always seemed to have plenty. Of course, Mike was another story. Jenny always wanted to know more about what Mike did on Saturdays with those other boys. She was worried about him getting into trouble, but he just wouldn’t talk about it. Oh well, he had a few dollars in his pocket most of the time and had cigarettes.”
Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Stephen Douglas’ transfixing tale takes readers on a suspenseful journey through life in a small town.
Jenny falls in love with Mike, her first romantic partner. At the park, one night in a dugout, they realize that some creepy stranger is watching them make out. They ran for their lives and were scared for days.
This harrowing tale describes what Jenny goes through as her relationship with Mike fails, and she ends up pregnant and alone. Readers will never know what will happen on the next page in this eventful and unpredictable book.
Readers who wish to experience this stimulating work can purchase “The D Class” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooksStore, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.
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